Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution

Our Retainer Policy: Our pricing strategy rewards positive relationships, believing that prevention is better than cure! As such, we do not follow industry trends in charging ‘per head’ employed, but rather actual expectation of services required. Having a full understanding of dispute resolution processes and the time involved, we have tailor made packages that is based on expected service delivery. During our initial consultation we consult our client to establish a forecast on service expectation with an agreed price.

It is normal that conflict will arise within every successful team. Effective teams have structures
in place that effectively deals with conflict in the workplace so that it becomes a beacon of confidence in the leadership. Effectus Harmony has over 20 years of experience in dealing with dispute resolution, whether through investigating & chairing disciplinary enquiries, dealing with grievance disputes or with CCMA and Bargaining Council representation.


For the smme and large employer

Premier Service Plus Retainer

You need a once off, monthly fee that is cost effective that will take care of up to three disciplinary hearings and three CCMA cases per month. You understand the importance of legislative annual employment equity and skills development submissions and find it more cost-effective to outsource. You prefer one specialist service provider that will take care of dispute resolutions as well as your annual EEA, WSP and ATR submissions. In addition, you also need assistance with human resources policies, procedures, contracts of employment, code of conducts and disciplinary codes, all under one umbrella. Travel and toll included.


R7900 P/Month – P/Province

Executive Service Retainer

Sometimes you think all you do is managing staff! Your business has grown to a decent size with a decent number of employees. Labour Relations Management is becoming of strategic importance. You consider your team of labour law specialists as an extension of your human resources department. You are a discerning client and wants an all-inclusive dispute resolution service. With no limit on the amount of disciplinary hearings and CCMA cases. Travel and toll included.


R8800 P/Month – P/Province

Classic Service Retainer

This exciting retainer rewards positive labour relations and dispute resolution through the cultivation of positive workplace relations. It is perfectly suitable for employers on a tight
budget, but who needs specialist services handy. With a very affordable monthly retainer, highly discounted, once -off fees are charged per full hearing (R1600). Similarly, a highly discounted, once-off fee per full CCMA dispute per employee (R1900). This offer is not time or process sensitive, meaning that the once-off fees are not limited to time, or the amount of CCMA processes involved at the CCMA per employee. Basically, the better you manage and engage your staff, the more you save. Travel and toll excluded.


R1500 P/Month

Premier Service Retainer

You are going places and have a fair number of employees. Managing workplace teams are becoming time consuming and your labour law service provider is considered an extension of your management team. Dispute resolution is a part of the daily life of your business with a fair number of disciplinary hearings to be taken care off. You need a once off, monthly fee that is cost effective that will take care of up to three disciplinary hearings and three CCMA cases per month. Travel and toll included.


R4600 P/Month – P/Province

For the very small employer

IR Essential SErvice retainer (Gauteng Only)

Are you a small employer with less than 10 employees? You appreciate the importance of positive labour relations, but has no need for unnecessary large infrastructure. This product
gives you peace of mind with two full disciplinary hearings and one full CCMA case per year. Additional work charged at highly discounted Classical Retainer rates. Travel and toll included.


R350 P/Month

IR Essential Plus Service retainer (Gauteng Only)

Are you a small employer with less than 10 employees? You appreciate the importance of positive labour relations, but in addition to the standard IR Essential Services, you also know that to have successful labour relations you also need to implement policies, codes, procedures, and employment contracts.


R850 P/Month

General Labour Relations Services

Managerial Online Support service

You prefer having labour relations in-house, but appreciate your human resource or operations team are not necessarily specialists in labour law. Disciplinary hearings are taken care off, in-house, but understand that there is a need to obtain a second opinion, just to be safe!


R500 P/Month

Employee Support Services

You are an employee who feels that your employer has committed an unfair labour practice, but are uncertain of your legal recourse. You may have been unfairly dismissed, discriminated against, or retrenched, but don’t even know where to start. This service is a very cost-effective solution that
provides an employee with the assistance of a labour law specialist that will do a proper merits assessment taken all relevant documents, Whatsapp’s and contracts into consideration. The labour law specialist will set up a Zoom consult to get a better understanding of what transpired. Thereafter, the labour law specialist will issue the employee with a legal advisory letter, detailing merits, and prospects (or the lack thereof) and legal recourse available.


R500 Once Off

AD – HOC Services

You have an immediate situation that needs to be resolved and only make use of labour relations services as and when required.


R1450 P/Hour

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