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About Us

Let's win together

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Why us

It is because of who we are!

We are so much more than just another labour law firm. We believe in caring and successful people relations, which is the building block to successful workplace relationships. Caring and values, is in everything we do.

We believe in giving back and working as a team. Through our Harmony People Network, we provide free career support services to over 1000 Human Resources professionals all over South Africa.

Effectus Harmony uses highly qualified and experienced specialist, in labour relations, labour lawyers, organizational culture specialist, human resources, payroll & transformation specialist. CEO, Tobie Nel boast with an MBA, Adv Labour Law and over 20 years’ experience in labour relations, specializing in IR, HR, B-BBEE & Transformation, Skills Development and Employment Equity. He has a real passion for training and development and is a regular labour law trainer for companies all over South Africa. As part of his portfolio, he is a labour law mentor, assessor, and trainer for Clientele Legal for almost 10 years.

With a national reach, we only use the best! With specialists in every province of South Africa we are ready to serve. We pride ourselves in giving great services, always available, punctual, and friendly.

We also have the perfect balance in our pricing policy, with our clients only paying for the services they anticipate using. Except for payroll services, we do not charge spend per head, but for what is your real anticipated service requirements. We have a wide variety of service offerings, custom made for every occasion. Cannot find the basket of services you require? Then speak to us. We will tailor make a service offering, suitable to your needs.

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