Labour Relations Training

Labour Relations Training

Labour Relations Training

The success of any organizations is dependent on the strength of its leadership, With the advent of the fourth industrial revolution, successful leadership will be reminiscent of those who have the necessary skills to lead their teams from a basis of confidence. Effectus Harmony is known for equipping managerial and human resources staff with advanced labour relations skills. Our programs are suitably designed to equip candidates to be knowledgeable of our labour laws and best practices, with a focus on practical application


Basic Labour Relations

This two-day course is suitably designed for any person who has the responsibility to lead teams within the employment environment. The program focus on key labour relations skill sets that will enable team leaders, managers and human resources personnel with an understanding of dismissal law, unfair labour practices, fixed term contracts of employments, misconduct, poor performance, incapacity, retrenchments, organizational rights, individual & collective labour law, overview of CCMA processes, conditions of employment, hours of work, overtime, various forms of leave provisions and Unfair Discrimination laws. Legislation covered is the Labour Relations Act, Basic Conditions of Employment Act and the Employment Equity Act.


Advanced Labour Relations

This two-day course is designed for managerial and human resources staff who has a general understanding of South African labour laws. The suitable candidate has either completed the Basic Labour Relations program or have completed a formal certificate in labour law or has fair ‘in the field’ practical experience. Even though this program covers many of the topics in the basic labour relations course, it does so on an advanced level, focusing on labour court application. This program does not deal with the legislation, but with labour court application through case law and as such the candidate must have an understanding of relevant legislative provisions.


Chairing & Initiating Disciplinary Hearing

This exciting two-day course is suitable for any person tasked with the responsibility of either initiating disciplinary investigations and/or responsible for chairing disciplinary hearings. The program gives chair people an understanding of dismissal law and legal principle, similar to the Basic Labour Relations program. In addition, it covers the laws of evidence, the theory and structure of a disciplinary enquiry and the key responsibilities of the parties to a disciplinary hearing. It further deals with basic cross-examination techniques typically used in arbitration processes. The highlight of this course is the mock-up disciplinary hearing whereby candidates put in practice what they have learned.


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