Human Resources

Human Resources

Human Resources


Economic conditions are continually changing and investing in a skilled workforce is critical for the sustainability of any organization. Failure to plan is a plan to fail! A Workplace Skills Plan is what set you apart from the competition.


R8500 Once Off or R600 P/Month


Workplace equality is the cornerstone of creating an inclusive economy for all
South Africans. The elimination of unfair discriminatory practices should suffice to policy and practice. Equity in demographical representation, remuneration and the distribution of benefits is obtainable through the systemic planning and implementation of an employment equity plan. We understand that obtaining equity in the workplace is a journey that is worth it! Allow us to come on board!


R7000 Once Off or R500 P/Month

Broad Based Black Economic EMpowerment

B-BBEE is about more than just the creation of an inclusive economy. It is all about winning! It is about creating proudly South African companies that are geared for the future, with a skilled workforce, representative of our society, creating opportunities for all the people of South Africa. Allow us to keep you winning!


R1450 P/Month

Organizational Culture Development

Organizational culture is what drive success! Creating a work place culture driven by a work force that is agile, adaptable, and valued is key in overcoming business pain points that pulls the organization down. A business tied up in regular conflict is set up to fail! Interdependence makes us stronger and is a success driver.

Effectus Harmony sources highly professional business coaches with a proven record of change management. Effective change start with leadership, filtered down throughout the organization. Is your organizational culture toxic? Then take the leap and make the call!


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